Technical specification

Specification of preparing files for printing

  1. Files should be in PDF format 1.5 version, according to print standard PDF/X-4.
  2. For standard book there should be 3 mm bleeds around the net format.
  3. For shaped board books and packaging – there should be 5 mm bleeds around the net format.
  4. All significant graphic elements should be in 5 mm distance from the cutting edge of page.
  5. File for production should not have control strips, registration marks, or descriptions. There should only be cutting lines out of graphics.
  6. Graphics should be centered on page, and all pages must be in exactly the same format. All inside pages should be in one file – page after page, or by spreads (double pages). Cover should be prepared as a separate file.
  7. Files should be prepared in CMYK according to Fogra standard. Pantone colors which are in files without any information to the printer will be automatically switched to CMYK.
  8. Black color should be made of only 100%  K black – for black texts, barcodes, HR-codes – and also with overprint function on. For deep black we suggest to use: C=70%, M=40%, Y=30%, K=100%.
  1. Total ink must not be higher than 340 %
  2. Minimal size of text in 1 color is 6-7 pt. Minimal size of text in more than 1 color is 7-8 pt. Minimal thickness of line is 0,3 pt in one color, and 0,5 pt for more than 1 color.
  3. Resolution should be minimal 300 dpi.
  4. All additional elements like selective varnish, hot-stamping mask, or punch lines should be prepared as spot color with overprint function on.

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