Samples of our packaging productions:

In a range of packaging produced by us you can also find:

Rigid lid + bottom

High quality board packaging, covered with printed paper. The high efficiency of the machine allows us to produce several thousand of such boxes per hour. Perfect as packaging for board games, shoes, textiles, cosmetics, or gift boxes.

Cardboard folded lid + bottom

A cheaper and less solid version of a rigid box - a cardboard box, which consists of a lid and bottom. Good solution for smaller products or games.

Folded or glued - cardboard boxes

Cardboard packaging glued on a gluing flap, or simply folded to create a complete box - known for packaging for cosmetics, medicines, teas, confectionery, or as disposable packaging. Relatively cheap, but also rather less durable.

Corrugated board packaging

Less durable than rigid but more than cardboard boxes. Great for board games, electronics, but also for many other branches of industry which require packaging.

Board books

Cardboard books are our flagship product in which we have been specializing for many years. The experience gained over decades allows us to constantly develop technology and expand our offer with attractive, new solutions

Board games

Board and card games are the second main branch of our production. Every month we produce thousands of games for publishers from all over Europe. The possibility of providing various elements allows us to make comprehensive production.

Orther products

Other products from many of our clients’ individual ideas include:...

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